Quality & Environmental Policy

Quality policy


  1. 1.To provide satisfying quality to customers in accordance with Our Purpose (corporate philosophy).
  2. 2.To be responsible for our quality, act with speed and honesty, and make further improvements.
  3. 3.To be compliant to requirements and continually improve the quality management system.

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Environmental policy

Recognizing that conservation of global environment is one of the most important challenges for humanity, we at Japan Display Inc. group respect people and environment, and aim to contribute to a sustainable society.

Basic policy
We will continually improve our environmental management system to work to reduce environmental burden, considering lifecycle of our display products.

We will comply with domestic and foreign legal requirements and other voluntarily accepted requirements.

We will set environmental objectives or others on the following priority themes and promote activities for their achievement to work for prevention of pollution and protection of environment.

Priority themes
1) We will reduce environmental burden of business activities.
    We will:
    1-1)  Promote measures against global warming, energy conservation and effective use of water;
    1-2)  Thoroughly manage chemical substances and promote their reduction and substitution;
    1-3)  Promote 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) activities of waste.
2) We will reduce environmental burden of products.
    We will:
    2-1)  Promote the development of environmentally considered products;
    2-2)  Thoroughly manage chemical substances contained in products;
    2-3)  Promote green procurement.
3) We will work on activities for conservation of biodiversity and environmental activities at local communities.

To ensure our environmental conservation activities, we will communicate this policy to all employees and provide them with environmental education thoroughly, and will also ask our business partners for cooperation.


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