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Sunlight Readability - Glass Bonding

Developments in optical glass bonding techniques have now enabled KOE TFT LCD display modules to offer excellent readability in demanding ambient light conditions. The use of optical bonding technology coupled with an anti-reflection (AR) or anti-glare (AG) polariser can significantly improve the optical performance of the display. A TFT display featuring an optically bonded glass substrate and polariser coatings can reduce reflections to less than 0.2% by scattering and absorbing ambient light. Optical bonding technology has been successfully implemented on TFT displays used in challenging environments such as aerospace, marine, automotive, medical and industrial. It is also being viewed as a key display enhancement technology for facilitating the development of emerging products and designs.


User IUser Interface - Touch Panel

Many applications and systems will require user inputs to be applied directly to the graphical interface via a touch panel. 4-wire resistive touch panels are available on KOE LCD display modules as standard user interface solutions. For applications requiring greater accuracy and reliability 5-wire resistive touch panel solutions are also available. A more recent and inspiring addition is capacitive touch panel technology.

Projected capacitive (P-cap) and surface capacitive (S-cap) touch panel solutions can be considered for applications which require a more robust interface solution offering highly accurate and more flexible gesture interface operations. KOE is able offer a variety of touch panel solutions to meet the needs and demands of specific application requirements.


h3>Sunlight Readability - Glass Bonding


Sunlight Readability - Glass Bonding

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