TFT Displays for Extreme Environmental Conditions


All of KOE’s Rugged+ displays are designed to function in challenging and harsh environmental conditions. Reliable and consistent operation under extreme temperature, mechanical shock and vibration is a necessity. The entire range of Rugged+ displays feature industrial environment operating specifications with high brightness, long-life LED backlights and will provide dependable operation between -30°C and +80°C.

Exceptional optical performance is maintained as many Rugged+ displays utilise KOE’s IPS Pro technology, which delivers exceptional colour saturation, colour stability, contrast and black levels with a 176° wide vertical and horizontal viewing angle.

KOE’s Rugged+ TFT displays are designed for high reliability medical, marine, aerospace, automotive and industrial applications.



  • 5.0" VGA 640 x 480
  • 70K hour LED B/L
  • WTR -30°C to +80°C


  • 7.0" WQVGA 800 x 480
  • IPS Pro
  • 800cd/m²
  • WTR -30°C to +80°C


  • 12.3" HSXGA
  • IPS Pro, LED
  • 1000cd/m²
  • WTR -30°C to +80°C
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