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KOE’s LCD heritage has been established on the foundations of providing displays that provide high quality, exceptional reliability and longevity. These traditional values are as true today as they were 30 years ago when the first Hitachi STN displays were designed and manufactured. Today, KOE STN LCDs can provide simple, easy to use and cost effective display solutions.



The KOE range of standard STN displays is effective and simple to use. Simple graphical user interfaces for instrumentation, process control, security systems and measurement equipment can be designed and implemented. Some displays feature integrated display controllers and memory which allow 8-bit microcontrollers to be used to enable cost effective user interfaces and systems to be designed..



  • 4.8" 256 x 64
  • Monochrome STN
  • Integrated display controller


  • 5.1" 240 x 128
  • White LED backlight
  • DC/DC converter on board
  • Integrated display controller


  • 9.4" VGA 640 x 480
  • Monochrome STN
  • 50K hour CFL
  • Industry standard footprint


  • graphical user interface
  • information terminals
  • ticketing systems
  • security systems
  • instrumentation
  • process control
  • data loggers
  • front panels
  • epos
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